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Fuel Tanks

Skin Single Oil Tanks For Storage Of Heating Fuel Oil

Single Skin Oil Tanks are the simplest for of heating oil storage and can still be installed after an Oil Storage Risk Assessment as been carried out or where an existing bund is in use. We carry a stock of tanks for fast delivery or collection from our warehouse.

Bunded Heating Oil Storage Tanks For Domestic & Commercial Installations

Harpers have a vast knowledge of heating oil fuel storage tanks from over 12 years of not only suppling but also hands-on oil tank installations. You have the back-up of an OFTEC registered and qualified company with the piece of mind dealing with an ISO9001:2008 quality company too. Bunded heating oil tanks from Harlequin, Deso Engineering, Atlas Tanks, Envirostore, Tuffa and Western Environmental.

Steel Bunded & Single Skin Fuel oil tanks

Steel Bunded and singles skin fuel oil tanks for storage of kerosene, gas oil and diesel as well as lube oils and waste oil. To supply domestic and commercial boilers, generators and other oil fire appliances. Manufactured to OFTEC OFS T200 and BS799 part 5 to comply with PPG 2 pollution prevention guidelines for oil storage regulations. Please call for details of our bespoke custom built steel tanks manufactured to your dimensions. Rapid turn around of high quality steel tanks. Nation wide delivery.

Bunded Diesel Dispensers

Our range of bunded diesel storage tanks from Harlequin, Atlas, deso Engieering and Western and steel fuel tanks made to order. All are complete with pump, hose and nozzle for the clean, quick and convinient diesel fuel and gasoil dispensing for a fully complient fuel tank that meets pollution prevention guidelines of PPG2

Steel Diesel Fuel Tanks

Steel bunded diesel storage tank ranges. Designed for ground level dispensing with a wide variety of pump options available including hand pumps, 12v, 24v, 110v, 240v and petrol driven with fuel manAgagement and remote gauge options. Bio diesel specific pumps are also available. High security design. The Envirobulka Range starts at 1300 litres and extended to over 60,000 litres.

The high security, self-contained EBD and EBDH diesel tanks have proven to be safe, compliant (BS799 pt 5, PPG2 and OFS T200) and convinient across a wide spectrum of uses including yards, sites and fleet refuelling situations. Please browse the tanks here but feel free to contact our specialists with your complete requirements and bespoke fitting packages.

Underground Fuel Oil and Diesel Tanks

Underground oil tanks from 1370 litres to 3090 litres. Our range of underground oil storage tanks are designed and manufactured as a strong and durable one piece moulding.

We specialise in fast delivery times and top quality components from stock to ensure minimum down time and full compliances with environment regulations and pollution prevention guidelines PPG2

Bunded Waste Oil Tanks In Plastic & Steel For Bulk Storage Of Used Engine Oils

Bunded waste oil tanks manufactured in plastic or steel for the safe, compliant storage of workshop oils and waste coolants from a small workshop to community recycling centres and large main dealer facilities. Our waste oil tanks are designed to meet the latest oil storage regulation and Pollution Prevention Guidelines - Safe Storage and disposal of used oils: PPG 8 issued by the Environment Agency.