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Harpers Weybridge are accredited to carry out all gas works on the consumer side of the primary meter. All Our operatives are ACS accredited and Gas Safe Registered. Our fully qualified Industrial Commercial Gas Engineers are able to deliver a comprehensive range of services on low, intermediate and medium pressure pipework, and carry out testing, purging and Commissioning / Decommissioning.

New Installation

We install new Gas pipes ranging from 20mm to 315mm. Pipe can be mechanically jointed, electro-fused or butt welded with the best solution found for your requirements.

Thrust-Boring (Moling)

Trenchless Technology is a method of installing new pipes, cables and ducts without the need for continuous and potentially highly damaging open trenches. Instead, comparatively small pits are excavated at approximately every 10 meters or so and Moling used to connect them. Longer shots can be undertaken but a site assessment would be required to ascertain whether the ground is suitable. The Trenchless process is specifically designed to be far less intrusive and can often lead to a significant saving on reinstatement costs. This technology can be of particular benefit to Heritage sites where any disturbance is always a very sensitive issue.

Domestic Service Relays

Our ACS qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers can install all required pipe sizes after the primary meter to meet any requirements for your property.

Leak Detection

Using our leak detection equipment we are able to pin point a leak to around a metre of its location We can then excavate and repair, saving you time and money.


With our experienced and qualified groundwork teams and engineers, we are able to install all required above and below ground utility pipework for all major building projects.