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In the trade since 1885, Harpers have worked in every single area of plumbing, heating and small-scale building and electrics. If you have a job that no-one else can do, give Harpers a call.

Other Works include:

  • Cast iron drains
  • Certificates provided conforming to current regulations (heating surveys, powerflushing, etc)
  • Ditch Witching (for replacing water mains, gas mains, electrical cables)
  • Drain testing
  • Guttering - plastic, aluminium, cast iron
  • Impact thrust boring - plastic, aluminium, cast iron
  • moling pipework/cabling over a distance, no ground disturbance except at entry and exit point
  • Oil Tanks
  • Renewables - Air source heat pumps, Biomass, Combined heat & power units, Ground source heat pumps, Rainwater harvesting, Solar energy
  • Tiling (ceramic) floor & wall
  • Under-floor heating

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